LFE3 PropGods and Admiral Exclusive



This is NOT and LFS3, or any other 16 inch diameter 3 blade propeller.

Its not a copy of the ECO, the LFE3 is its own design.

This prop is exclusively made for Prop Gods, and Admiral Propeller in Tampa.

It is a 16 inch diameter 3 blade.

Incredible traction !  I have had great results with Suzuki motors, solving ventilation issues.

Can be run on Mercury and Yamaha as well. Great cruising propeller, less expensive than the Mercury Enertia ECO. (and it is now available in 15 and 17 pitch, so when you need less or more pitch than the ECO offers, here is the answer)

Currently, offered in 15,17,19,21,22,23,25 pitches.

This uses the Mercury style hub cavity. So Mercury, Powertech, and Solas hub kits will work with this prop.

Additional information


Standard 16 X 15, Counter 16 X 15, Standard 16 X 17, Counter 16 X 17, Standard 16 X 19, Counter 16 x 19, Standard 16 x 21, Counter 16 x 21, Standard 16 X 22, Counter 16 X 22, Standard 16 X 23, Counter 16 x 23, Standard 16 x 25, Counter 16 x 25

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