I will work with you to get your boat set up optimally for how you personally run your boat.

Every boat is different. People have different needs on performance and handling based on how they plan to use their boats.

Yamaha boat

How it works

Contact Ken Reeves, email or call.
I'm going to want to know what boat you have, what motors you have, RPM and GPS speed at wide open (with the boat loaded as you plan to use it most of the time)
If its a custom one off boat, send me some pictures.
Any issues you are having with handling, ride, performance, etc...
What you want to fix or improve on.
I may ask you more questions too, obviously the more info I get, the better chance I have of fixing you on the first shot.
If you buy props from me and we need to change to something else, it's $40 each plus shipping to return the props.
If I have a prop we want to "test" I send it out for $40 each plus shipping and we can see what happens.

Prop Gods

About the company

Owned and operated by Ken Reeves.
Back in 2005 we found most places didn't know much about prop selection, and if you bought something and it didn't work, you were stuck with it.
I ran the mobile testing service for 10+ years.
Ran Hundreds of boats with a box truck full of every propeller Mercury offered, and a lot of Powertech as well.
I still send out test props when needed but I don't get to go have fun on the boats much anymore as I'm on the phone with you guys all day. (in the air conditioning)